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Good Youth Sports Coaches Teach, Model and Demand Sportsmanship, Fairness and Respectful Behavior

The problem is that too many coaches are doing a miserable job of actually teaching sportsmanship and moral reasoning.  As Michael Josephson, head of the Josephson Institute of Ethics, notes, "Too many youngsters are confused about the meaning of fair play and sportsmanship and ... have no concept of honorable competition. As a result they engage in illegal conduct and employ doubtful gamesmanship techniques to gain a competitive advantage."

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Attica AYA Board Election News

Election News

2015-2016 Elected Officers

  • President:  Shawn Wise
  • Vice President:  Doug Donnelly   
  • Secretary:  Tina Harding    
  • Treasurer:  Mike Janes 



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Let's Put the 'Youth' Back in Youth Sports

Let's relax, and more importantly, let our kids relax. Research shows that nearly 80 percent of all children who play adult-organized youth sports drop out by the time they're 12. The reason most often cited is that it's no longer fun.

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Ken Reed is Sports Policy Director for League of Fans (